Optimizing images
Images optimization for SEO

Images are an integral part of all websites. The message they carry can be as powerful as texts & videos. The same is for SEO relevance of images in SERP. It’s been a while since Google introduced graphical elements in

Keywords – TOP 6 keyword research tools

What are keywords? Keyword – a phrase consisting of one or more words that users enter into the search engine. Keywords are part of a website and help search engines match the page to the relevant query. Appropriate selection of

Local SEO in Google

What is Local SEO? Local SEO is conducting activities whose main goal is to raise the position of a website in organic results, including for local inquiries such as “dog breeders New York”. Keywords do not have to contain the

Interview with Radosław Rubiński – SEO Senior Specialist

What is your experience in SEO? Tell us briefly about yourself. How did you start and who is Radosław Rubiński today? Today, Radek is a specialist – a senior at the unconventional agency, Vestigio, where he works with amazing specialists,

Jakub Pepliński
Interview with Jakub Pepliński – SEO specialist / SEO Leader

What is your experience in SEO? Tell us briefly about yourself. How did you start and who is Jakub Peplinski today? I’m currently working at a young and fast-growing IT start-up (Vue Storefront) that develops software for e-commerce, namely the

Lazy load in SEO
What is lazy loading?

The majority of online traffic is generated with mobile devices, where loading time matters a lot. User experience, conversion rates, SEO performance & general quality of the website are direct derivatives of it as well. If You’ve put some time

SEO optimization of the online store

What does SEO optimization of an online store look like? Investing in SEO optimization of an online store is now practically mandatory. Thanks to it, you can effectively reduce the costs spent on advertising. This type of optimization is slightly

SEO friendly URLs
URLs optimization for SEO

The website should be designed to be transparent and easy to understand for both users and search engine robots. One of the elements that should be optimized are URLs. A short and simple URL is much easier to remember, helps

Structured data in SEO
Structured data – definition & SEO impact

There is an innumerable amount of text content scanned by Google every day. The robots that are responsible for reading all these pages have a lot to do. You can make it easier for them just by implementing structured data.

Free Online SEO Audit, +90 aspects, checklist

What is an SEO audit and what areas does it cover? An SEO audit is a website analysis that takes into account parameters that have an impact (both direct and indirect) on the website’s results in the search engine. An


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