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US eCommerce technical SEO status – H1 2022

Thank You for your interest in the “US eCommerce technical SEO status” report.

We are happy to announce the release of the first market study done with the Boostsite tool. This report covers the analysis of over 4300 eCommerce websites operating in the US market & sheds some light on the actual status of technical search engine optimization. Our tool performed both the data gathering process & the analysis of over 620 000 URLs. We have been searching for 34 different SEO errors divided into technical SEO & content-related issues. Check out the final results, as part of the conclusions we came up with is quite surprising.

SEO is a highly competitive discipline of marketing. Our goal with both this report & Boostsite as a tool is to help business owners & SEO specialists gain an additional edge in search engine optimization. The Boostsite team is extremely excited to release this document after a couple of weeks of data gathering, analysis, and report preparation.

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