Case Study DeeZee PL & RO Case Study DeeZee PL & RO

Case Study DeeZee PL & RO

How Boostsite helped increase the number of organic keywords to almost double for the PL version and almost triple for the RO version.

Case Study DeeZee PL & RO

About Deezee

DeeZee is a dynamically developing, award-winning Polish fashion brand operating on the Central and Eastern Europe market. Available online in 6 different countries. It has been working on the e-commerce market for 17 years and has already gained 2 million fans in social media, which, in addition to the information function, also create a close-knit community and are considered very inspiring.

After a huge success in the sale of footwear, in 2020 the brand decided to create a collection of clothing and accessories, which made DeeZee a complementary fashion brand.

Thanks to the merger with the CCC Capital Group in 2018, the DeeZee brand can also be found in CCC offline stores (coverage of additional 22 countries). It is worth mentioning that the unique nature of the offer makes DeeZee often chosen by famous people and fashion influencers.

The mission of the DeeZee brand is to create a place for women where everyone will find a global trends for themselves and will be able to play with unique fashion style, thanks to the diverse assortment available both online and offline.

Main customer needs

Recommendations from Boostsite allowed to create a full audit, including:

After the customer implemented the recommendations, the website’s situation changed as follows: optimization results: left screen – before, right screen – after.

82 %

of the increase in organic keywords for the PL version

183 %

increase in organic keywords for the RO version

74 %

of the 334 most important keywords were in TOP10 for the PL version

300 %

increase in organic traffic as estimated by Semrush in the RO version

PL language version

Increases in selected, important keywords

(from 5000 volume):

KeywordVolumeApril 30September 30Difference
sukienka na wesele1640009632+64
dresy damskie128000743+71
sneakersy damskie9300063+3
torebki damskie85000154+11
buty damskie84000132+11
kalosze damskie780005825+33
swetry damskie70000251+24
garnitur damski61000704+66
bluzy damskie540008139+42
buty sportowe damskie5100053+2
kowbojki damskie50000131+12
buty zimowe damskie4900041+3
mokasyny damskie4800032+1
adidasy damskie4800053+2
kozaki damskie47000114+7
sweter damski45000497+42
sztyblety damskie43000139+4
torebka damska42000135+8
spodnie damskie400004530+15
trapery damskie3900096+3
dres damski380007611+65
bluzki damskie34000623+59
półbuty damskie340003719+18
dresy damskie komplety330002423+1
kurtki damskie330007135+36
buty zimowe3200082+6
buty sportowe32000124+8
plecak damski320005418+36
mom jeans31000159+6
spodnie jeans damskie29000195+14
botki na słupku2800043+1
buty na koturnie26000123+9
sukienki damskie25000301+29
botki na obcasie2500041+3
jeans mom25000195+14
czarna sukienka25000646+58
czerwona sukienka24000381+37
jeansy damskie23000202+18
sukienka wieczorowa230004032+8
sukienka midi230005235+17
kozaki za kolano2200041+3
trampki damskie2200064+2
śniegowce damskie22000129+3
kapcie damskie2100063+3
botki damskie jesienne19000163+13
sneakersy na koturnie1900043+1
plecaki damskie19000367+29
kalosze damskie krótkie190001614+2
jeansy z wysokim stanem180004410+34
kozaki zamszowe170002515+10
trzewiki damskie160005514+41
botki damskie zamszowe160003231+1
buty na obcasie1500052+3
botki jesienne damskie15000143+11
sukienki letnie150004410+34
spodnie z wysokim stanem150003110+21
swetry damskie rozpinane150002213+9
buty jesienne1400021+1
buty damskie sportowe1400063+3
sandały damskie1400063+3
joggery damskie140003531+4
obuwie damskie13000111+10
czarne szpilki1300031+2
szpilki damskie1300021+1
garnitury damskie13000142+12
garnitur damski komplet130003212+20
sukienka mini130002613+13
zamszowe botki130003730+7
odzież damska12000361+35
srebrne sandały12000131+12
botki kowbojki1200081+7
botki czarne1200051+4
czarne botki1200041+3
buty zimowe damskie ocieplane12000186+12
ubrania damskie11000351+34
buty na zime damskie1100031+2
buty damskie jesienne1100021+1
jenny fairy1100042+2
buty na słupku1100083+5
czarne botki damskie1100073+4
czółenka damskie1100054+1
czarne adidasy damskie1100085+3
biała sukienka11000196+13
buty dla dziewczynki110001110+1
swetry damskie rozpinane ciepłe110002812+16
workery damskie lakierowane110005423+31
botki czarne damskie1000062+4
klapki z futerkiem1000032+1
kozaki damskie na słupku10000115+6
torebka czarna10000259+16
jeans damskie100002117+4
buty ślubne damskie100006928+41
portfele damskie99005429+25
buty na jesien damskie980042+2
botki jenny fairy970032+1
sweter oversize9600431+42
sweterek damski9600597+52
opaski do włosów95001511+4
baleriny damskie9100125+7
czarne buty sportowe damskie900062+4
ażurowe botki8900256+19
jeansy z dziurami8600221+21
buty na zime860031+2
spodenki damskie8600368+28
muszkieterki damskie85003525+10
pasek damski85005931+28
spodnie jeansowe8400334+29
torebki damskie duże84009515+80
pantofle damskie83002322+1
sukienki wieczorowe krótkie83002827+1
golfy damskie82002420+4
torba shopperka82003522+13
buty workery770083+5
bluzy oversize7700404+36
czarne sneakersy760064+2
półbuty na koturnie74002621+5
biały sweterek rozpinany7100211+20
komplety damskie710041+3
spodnie jeansowe damskie7100215+16
eleganckie dresy damskie7100299+20
modne sukienki71003015+15
buty kowbojki7000111+10
złote szpilki na słupku7000119+2
marynarka czarna damska70003830+8
beżowe kozaki6900101+9
buty kowbojki damskie6900123+9
komplety dresowe damskie69001915+4
półbuty na słupku68002521+4
botki zamszowe damskie68003722+15
trapery damskie zimowe670062+4
botki bordowe damskie67008311+72
buty na koturnie damskie6600105+5
plecaczki damskie6600218+13
eleganckie bluzki damskie wieczorowe66004012+28
buty sneakersy męskie66009419+75
sukienka wesele66009823+75
sukienki wyprzedaż66009529+66
buty na wesele650032+1
topy damskie65008719+68
biale buty damskie640031+2
sneakersy czarne640074+3
szpilka buty630032+1
komplet damski elegancki6200151+14
mokasyny na platformie6200152+13
torebka czarna mała62003119+12
białe sneakersy610021+1
sklep z butami6000116+5
pólbuty damskie60003719+18
narzutka plażowa5900482+46
kozaki damskie za kolano580063+3
torebka shopper czarna5800155+10
opaski na włosy58001610+6
kremowe botki570031+2
dżinsy damskie5700242+22
trampki na platformie5700112+9
obuwie sportowe5600145+9
półbuty na platformie55001410+4
sandały sportowe damskie55002927+2
złote czółenka na słupku5400162+14
czarne buty540064+2
eleganckie bluzki damskie na wesele5300237+16
sukienki midi53005812+46
swetry damskie długie53005123+28
sweter damski rozpinany53002926+3
odzież damska5200801+79
różowa sukienka5200721+71
sweterki damskie5200281+27
kozaki beżowe520071+6
botki damskie czarne520031+2
kozaki za kolano na platformie520075+2
sandały z kokardą5200127+5
buty czarne damskie5200108+2
torba damska5200239+14
tanie botki damskie52002610+16
jeansy damskie z wysokim stanem52004422+22
beżowe spodnie5100252+23
czarne trampki510084+4
czarne trampki damskie510085+3
nerki damskie51004515+30
botki lakierowane damskie51006118+43
wiązane botki na słupku500087+1
golfy damskie wyprzedaż50002312+11
długie kozaki490051+4
botki damskie na słupku490042+2
damski garnitur4900477+40
dresy damskie wyprzedaż49008310+73
czarna spódnica49005124+27
brązowa bluza4800201+19
czarne czółenka480031+2
obuwie sportowe damskie480062+4
botki sznurowane na obcasie4800108+2
małe plecaki damskie4800139+4
biała bluzka4700572+55
szpilki na platformie4700152+13
biała bluza4700204+16
modne buty4600261+25
jeansy boyfriend4600141+13
najmodniejsze garnitury damskie45008910+79
czarna torebka mała45001913+6

Of the 246 most important keywords listed, 183 keywords were in the TOP10 with a total volume of monthly searches of nearly 4 million. 

It is worth noting that these keywords include generic keywords that build the value of the domain, such as “sukienki”, “buty”, “botki”, the position of which in the search engine also increased after the implementation of the changes.

Taking into account Semrush

Thanks to the increase in the position and the number of ranking keywords, the monthly organic traffic estimated by Semrush – from 05.2021 to 31/08/2021 increased from approximately 600,000 to approx. to almost 1.6 million.


However, the number of ranking keywords increased from about 44 thousand keywords to nearly 80 thousand


In organic traffic and revenues for the period April 30 – December 31, compared to the same period in the previous year, it is as follows:


RO language version

Increases in important keywords

(from 5000 volume):

KeywordVolumeApril 30September 30Difference
botine dama30000169+7
sandale dama1400010083+17
papuci de casa120001413+1
bluze dama910010097+3
adidași dama880010037+63
reduceri sandale dama800010026+74
pantofi stiletto7400114+7
bluze elegante720010020+80
papuci dama70003128+3
pantofi sport650010054+46
geanta dama640010083+17
botine toamna58001007+93
cizme cowboy dama530085+3
mocasini dama53008541+44
ghete toamna dama45009467+27
tenisi dama440010053+47
botine de vara430010017+83
reduceri adidasi dama410010056+44
ghete fete390010095+5
posete dama370010032+68
pantofi cu toc stiletto3600122+10
pantofi dama cu platforma35008174+7
ghete dama cu toc34002921+8
jenny fairy330054+1
botine de toamna330010020+80
papuci plaja dama320010028+72
ghete scurte dama300010061+39
botine cu toc gros290084+4
pantofi rosii cu toc280010034+66
cizme cu platforma28007673+3
botine crem270010012+88
tabel marimi26009850+48
tocuri negre2500246+18
espadrile dama2500286+22
papuci de casa dama240010014+86
pantaloni cu talie inalta23002418+6
papuci dama eleganti210010050+50
cizme cu toc20001615+1
tenisi dama albi190010055+45
haine online dama160010029+71
sandale elegante160010038+62
pantofi sport dama sneakers160010038+62
botine fara toc1500116+5
botine dama cu toc15001917+2
pantofi dama stiletto1400362+34
sandale negre1400249+15
rochii online14004112+29
pantaloni talie inalta14002322+1
pantofi dama cu toc1300306+24
pantofi stiletto cu toc mic13001311+2
sandale dama ieftine130010063+37
adidasi dama albi110010035+65
adidasi albi dama110010042+58
pantofi dama fara toc11008059+21
pantofi argintii10002316+7
incaltaminte sport100010040+60
pantofi toc gros90092+7
ghete cu toc gros900136+7
sandale aurii900159+6
papuci cu platforma9001009+91
pantofi toc mic9001210+2
e pantofi retur90010028+72
pantofi verzi9006030+30
sandale toc gros800342+32
papuci casa8003225+7
ghete dama ieftine online80010070+30
botine decupate8009586+9
pantofi toc700109+1
pantofi de ocazie70010038+62
pantofi fete70010040+60
rochii primavara70010047+53
cizme elegante70010080+20
pantofi negri6001611+5
botine ieftine60010024+76
cizme ieftine6004831+17
sandale tip botine6005332+21
stiletto pantofi500173+14
sandale toc500294+25
botine primavara500115+6
sandale toc mic5001006+94
papuci platforma500129+3
botine negre5002416+8
cizme iarna dama50010023+77
incaltaminte sport dama50010031+69
ghete si botine dama50010032+68
cizme negre lungi50010032+68
magazin online haine50010033+67
botine maro5004542+3
geanta paie50010045+55
geanta neagra dama50010048+52
gentute dama50010051+49
sacou dama elegant50010063+37
botine jenny fairy45086+2
sandale elegante fara toc4501009+91
botine vara4509111+80
pantofi dama cu toc mic4504313+30
cizme de iarna4502415+9
pantofi eleganti cu toc4504419+25
botine dama toamna ieftine45010021+79
papuci casa dama45010028+72
papuci sport dama45010031+69
pantaloni trening dama talie inalta45010033+67
cizme albe lungi45010040+60
sacou si pantaloni dama45010050+50
ghete platforma dama45010052+48
pantofi cu toc mic si gros40072+5
papuci cu platforma inalta40010016+84
ghete primavara4007219+53
cutoc sandale4004221+21
geanta mica4005329+24
adidasi sport dama40010029+71
sandale rosii40010033+67
pantofi adidas dama40010048+52
botine elegante de ocazie40010052+48
pantofi platforma dama4008455+29
sandale maro40010072+28
sandale dama platforma4007773+4
ghete elegante dama40010080+20
sandale aurii fara toc3501910+9
sandale inalte35010014+86
papuci de plaja eleganti35010016+84
sandale joase dama35010030+70
geanta tip postas dama35010042+58
ghete albe dama3507252+20
geanta postas dama3509758+39
pantofi platforma piele35010079+21
sandale elegante fara toc nunta3001002+98
stiletto negrii3001004+96
espadrile ro3001005+95
espadrile dama elegante3001009+91
pantofi eleganti cu toc mic3002814+14
geanta dama mica30010015+85
sandale albe fara toc3003817+21
espadrile dama ieftine30010018+82
bluze scurte dama30010024+76
pantofi sport albi dama30010027+73
cizme de dama3003428+6
sandale dama negre30010028+72
botine femei3005730+27
tabel de marimi3005437+17
botine dama piele intoarsa30010055+45
pantofi toamna dama30010078+22
sandale comode dama30010086+14
site uri incaltaminte30010089+11
slapi cu toc2501001+99
sandale fara toc elegante250917+84
botine bej dama2501008+92
botine cu toc mic2502215+7
espadrile dama piele25010017+83
sandale joase elegante25010018+82
papuci de casa dama eleganti25010019+81
pantofi cu toc rosii2507324+49
cizme primavara2506327+36
sandale ieftine dama25010029+71
pantofi dama sport25010033+67
pantaloni dama largi25010034+66
ghete dama fara toc25010034+66
pantofi dama piele cu toc mic25010039+61
pantofi sport dama adidas25010042+58
genti de umar dama25010042+58
pantaloni carouri dama25010044+56
ghete inalte femei25010054+46
pantofi crem2507160+11
papuci albi dama25010063+37
papuci pufosi25010078+22
espadrile platforma20093+6
pantofi jenny fairy200104+6
pantofi stiletto cu toc gros200104+6
pantofi dama toc gros200175+12
ghete jenny fairy2001006+94
papuci de casa cu toc2001007+93
botine toc200158+7
sandale espadrile200288+20
pantofi dama toc mic2004511+34
sandale tip espadrile20010013+87
pantofi fara toc pentru rochii20010013+87
sandale sport20010016+84
balerini sport dama20010017+83
pantofi verzi dama20010017+83
genti mici20010021+79
papuci de dama20010024+76
ghete toc20010025+75
adidași sport20010025+75
pantofi de dama20010025+75
botine si cizme de vara20010027+73
model de reclamatie la un produs20010032+68
pantofi sport dama cu platforma2008133+48
papuci de casa dama de iarna20010036+64
pantofi dama platforma2007639+37
comanda mea20010041+59
pantaloni in carouri dama20010042+58
cizme tip soseta20010045+55
pantofi eleganti cu toc de 7 cm20010055+45
incaltaminte dama primavara20010055+45
geci de dama20010060+40
curea brau dama20010072+28
pantofi stiletto negrii150171+16
cizme toc gros15043+1
sandale toc patrat150424+38
botine gri150208+12
espadrile albe1501008+92
ghete cowboy dama1501008+92
posete ieftine vanzare150609+51
espadrile femei15010010+90
espadrile piele dama15010012+88
botine cu platforma si toc gros15010012+88
cizme iarna15010013+87
genti jenny fairy15010014+86
ghete cu toc dama1504217+25
botine dama cu platforma15010017+83
botine toc mic1502619+7
espadrile piele15010020+80
ghete crem dama15010020+80
sandale de dama1508121+60
sandale negre dama15010021+79
tabel cu marimi1506023+37
papuci de vara dama15010024+76
botine maro dama15010025+75
imbracaminte online1503029+1
botine iarna15010030+70
pantofi sandale15010030+70
ghete bej dama15010032+68
papuci de plaja dama15010032+68
adidasi sneakers dama15010035+65
e pantofi adidasi dama15010044+56
botine bej piele intoarsa15010044+56
pantofi fara toc dama1507946+33
trappers jenny fairy15010049+51
sandale saboti15010050+50
ghete dama primavara15010051+49
sandale dama joase15010055+45
sandale pe picior15010058+42
adidasi dama reduceri15010062+38
botine piele dama1508268+14
incaltaminte de primavara1509071+19
sandale intre degete15010074+26
cizme zapada femei15010080+20
papuci de casa din piele15010080+20
pantofi de primavara dama15010081+19
pantofi sport slip on dama15010084+16
papuci de vanzare1001008+92
pantofi verzi cu toc1002012+8
papuci platforma dama10010013+87
de purtat botine1001814+4
espadrile talpa ortopedica10010016+84
sandale botine10010016+84
hanorac fara gluga10010018+82
papuci vara dama10010021+79
e pantofi sandale1006627+39
botine ciocate10010028+72
botine elegante dama10010028+72
magazin online de haine10010030+70
botine ieftine dama10010031+69
cizme de vara dama10010038+62
seturi dama9010011+89
imbracaminte dama online902913+16
pantofi eleganti de seara cu toc mic905217+35
balerini sport9010027+73
magazin online incaltaminte9010060+40
pantofi balerini9010090+10
espadrile sandale801007+93
botine cowboy dama8010014+86
pantofi negri dama802618+8
poseta bej8010051+49
pantofi eleganti cu toc gros70156+9
posete de umar6010041+59
sandale online50191+18
botine de vara cu toc404127+14
cizme de iarna dama307116+55
sandale toc comod20585+53
cutoc botine202623+3
pantofi de ocazie cu toc mediu2010076+24
botine toc gros094+5
sandale jenny fairy094+5
sandale fara toc0126+6
bocanci cu toc0136+7
botine dama cu toc gros0128+4
sandale dama fara toc08310+73
sandale de ocazie010010+90
botine dama fara toc05311+42
rochii de dama010012+88
pantofi stiletto ieftini05013+37
ghete primavara dama010013+87
slapi dama07716+61
haine la moda010017+83
cizme zapada dama010017+83
botine dama toamna010020+80
incaltaminte dama sport010028+72
cizme dama fara toc05530+25
botine dama elegante010030+70
haine dama online010032+68
pantaloni largi dama010033+67
pantofi ieftini dama reduceri010040+60
papuci de casa femei010045+55
pantaloni cargo dama010045+55
papuci sport010045+55
posete dama ieftine010045+55
pantofi ieftini dama010046+54
sandale dama elegante010049+51
cizme dama iarna010049+51
cizme ciocate dama010049+51
botine de iarna010051+49
e pantofi dama05754+3
ghete dama sport010056+44
portofele portofele010057+43
sandale sport dama010058+42
adidasi platforma dama010062+38
depurtat botine010070+30
sandale joase010074+26
cizme de zapada dama010079+21

Out of the 335 most important keywords listed, the TOP10 included 74 keywords with a total volume of monthly searches of over 116 thousand.

Taking into account Semrush

Organic traffic estimated by SEMrush, since May 2021 it has increased from 10,000. to nearly 40 thousand.

Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 21.18.34

On the other hand, the number of ranking keywords increased from about 2.3 thousand. keywords, up to nearly 6.5 thousand.

The summary

Boostsite, and above all the recommendation function, allowed for the introduction of corrections, thanks to which the website recorded very visible increases in both the Polish and Romanian versions. We increased the number of the most important keywords, which allowed us to obtain much better results for the website.

Our online store aims to constantly develop and introduce new offers and amenities for our customers. After implementing the Boostsite recommendations, our site's search results increased significantly, which also increased our reach and revenue.
Paweł Grzebyk
DeeZee founder

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